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Please check out the friends of 'Father of Loud'.

In September 1962, the very first Marshall amplifier, affectionately named 'number one', was created after a series of prototypes. 'Number one' was the forerunner of the legendary JTM45.
Placed in the window of Jim's shop, twenty three orders were taken on the very first day. The rest, as they say, is history.

'Number One' today resides under glass in the Marshall museum.

First Sight Media is an Dutch independent production company.

Founder Lennart Reijnders has been a video editor for more than fifteen years and in Januari 2014 he started FSM.

'Father of Loud' is the first big production which Reijnders produces and co-directs with Peter Visscher.

in 2018 Reijnders co-founded a full service postproduction company named Lofth B.V.

TEAM ENG is thé media facility company for every AV-production: news, sports, reality, commercials, corporate films and documentaries. TEAM is always looking for talent! People with a great interest and heart for the television business, who have significant AV projects on their résumé as camera or audio professional. People with an open mind and with clear enthusiasm and ambition, who can effortlessly work with the most diverse kinds of people.

Kurta52 is a creative company. They produce documentaries, short films for companies, promo’s, trailers and radio and TV spots.

The last decade they have been focussing and specialising themselves on the core of the message.


The need for compact content is greater than ever.

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